03 May 2012

EC Meeting 5/2/2012

Tshirts: Zech believed they’re good to go and thinks he made the order

  • apparently really busy at the place but an agreement was reached (Wednesday next week, should be ready) he thinks.

Picnic: We’ll need grill equipment

  • Buy?

  • Discussion about the grills here at NDSU…..they have to stay there

  • Food: what we should buy

  • Ketchup

  • Buns

  • 10 2L soda, Dr Pepper from the ACM b/c they’re not doing too well in sales

  • Plates, Napkins, forks, sm pkg of knives

  • Hotdogs/Brats (24)

  • Burgers (24) frozen

  • Charcoal and light fluid

  • BBQ kit (good investment as long as kept clean)

  • Lighters (JUSTIN BRING!!!!!)

  • Potato Salad

  • Chips


What People can bring:

  • Frizbees, games

  • any food they want

  • Ryan: will bring his cookie salad, and can help offer rides


EC: arrive in two groups

Group1: gets food

  • meet at 9am, then go to park and set up

  • Zech, Justin, Cesar

Group 2: Stay at office and wait for members, offer rides

  • meet at 10:30am, go to park at 11:15am

  • Alicia, Ben


Key exchange: all taken care of

Slator: told of new EC members

Volunteer hours: taken care of

Microsoft Talk

Pizza: someone needs to be at Van Es 101 at 5:35pm to receive pizza

  • get plates/napkins prior to event

  • Pizza from Papa Johns

  • Suggested to place Signs on the door of Van Es indicating the Event talk to Stephanie to send CS listserve about the talk again, shouldn't need to send to members only then

Introduce speaker?

– Short intro will suffice

Bank Info: Cesar needs a government official ID

Clean ACM: Carol suggested that we spiff up our room a bit, redesign, new funiture, focus on surface area, efficiency

  • Next Friday at 4pm and maybe continue on Saturday

Ryan: have someone (professional) help designing the room to give us an idea of what we can do. Come up with what we really want/need for the ACM this summer.

  • Ex: computers, books, storage, working space, tables, chairs and cabinet.

  • Project areas. Possibility.

  • Further discussion about this and the room cleanup will be held next week.

OrgSync: need to update member?

  • long process

  • need Advisor signature, turns into big thing

  • reason why it hasn't been done in the past
  • remove Ryan, Nathan and Austen from the list of members, as well as change who’s on the EC


  • Need to find a permanent one (Slator?)

  • recommended to keep Slator, if he doesn’t want to stay as it, then ask him if he has any suggestions

EC Meeting during finals: will continue


Member Input:

Ryan: suggests that we plan the entire year (2012-2013) during the summer! So meetings will be held during the summer.

  • Pictures need to be uploaded

  • contact all the corporations and keep in contact

Adam: updates that we don’t need to worry about the moving of the ACM to upstairs! But that we should ask to make sure what exactly is going on.