02 May 2012

Another year has come to an end, and as any other adventure, this year’s EC has completed it’s job successfully. The EC for the period 2011-2012 was:


Ryan McCulloch: Ryan.Mcculloch@ndsu.edu

Vice Chair:

Zechariah Andersen: Zechariah.Andersen@acm.org


Benjamin Bechtold: Benjamin.Bechtold@ndsu.edu


Cesar Ramirez: cesar.ramsan@gmail.com

Member at Large:

Justin Anderson: justin.s.anderson.2@my.ndsu.edu

On April 24th, elections were held to decide who were going to be part of the new EC. After two hours of meeting, the new EC was decided as follow:

Chair: Zechariah Andersen: zechariah.andersen @ acm.org

Vice Chair: Cesar Ramirez: cesar.ramsan @ gmail.com

Treasurer: Davin Loegering: davin.g.loegering @ my.ndsu.edu

Secretary: Alicia Garcia: garcia.alicia1990 @ gmail.com

Member at Large: Justin Anderson: justin.s.anderson.2 @ my.ndsu.edu

With this change, the information for our bank account will also have to change. Ryan Mcculloch(Ex-Chair) and Benjamin Bechtold (Ex-Treasure) will be taken out of the account and Cesar Ramirez(ViceChair) and Davin Loegering(Treasure) will be added.