25 Apr 2012


  • Talk to Dr. Slater or Carole about our wishes regarding room and space. This is regarding the room switch that was previously brought up this year about moving upstairs.


  • Mathisons not an option, so we’ll have to move to Promotional Solutions, 6.05 per shirt for a group of 100. Can be done in 2 weeks

  • Adam suggests another place that has the same price, but is closer. Can be done in 2 weeks.

Order: 100

  • S = 10

  • M = 30

  • L = 35

  • XL = 20

  • XXL = 5

  • Total cost approx = $640, maybe more if fast tracked.

Color = shirt will be white and design is white, no year on shirts

  • Back of shirt: what should we put? Ask members for suggestions

  • Adam suggests mock up design to see if it’s going to look good.

Chair: will put in order soon, at least by Mon

  • Should be done by finals week, but this is proving a problem. Who will buy?
  • Solution: keep record of paid members and save them for next semester OR mail them. Mass email to inform members


  • Need to make a reservation for the shelter for May 5th. Either shelter will work.

  • V. Chair will make the reservation

Location = Oak Grove Park

Time: noon – 4pm

EC members meet in the ACM 10am to begin setting up!

Promotion of Picnic: Posters! Can do a medium sized one, may cost about $15 .

  • Can we use our printing allocations for it? Should we use the Copy Shop or Room 150?

  • Nate will be in charge of this

New EC:

  • Key exchange: needs to be done sometime next week, or sooner.

  • New EC members need to fill out forms on our own time. Old EC members have to go up there and update their forms and take care of anything on there

  • Send an email to Slater updating him on our new EC.

*Volunteer Hours: Need to be logged by Monday the 30th, Chair take care of!

Microsoft Talk: Posters, use their [Microsoft] design and print

  • Pizza and soda have been arranged

Date: Thursday, May 3nd

Location: Van Es 101

  • Send Listserv Monday Night (Secretary) Make sure they get to all students on campus!

AI Competition: everything is ready

  • Dr Ludvik, may give xcredit for attending it

  • See if other profs will give xcredit for attending these types of competitions in the future

  • May not need help setting up or running, but if anyone wants to volunteer :)

  • Prize = Galaxy Tab, paid for by ACM

  • Location = ACM and next door

  • Lots of discussion involving what programs are being used, file saving and other info

  • Cesar will address all of these with help of anyone available.
  • Cesar will give a Talk regarding AI Competition on Friday in the ACM at 6pm

Bank Account: do we all need to be there to get ownership transferred?

  • Davin and Cesar need to be added to the account, old EC removed.

  • Chair, V. Chair and Treasure need to meet with Ryan and Ben to get this done

  • Wednesday at noon should work

Org Syn:

  • Everything needs to updated

Room Cleanup Day: when do we want to do this?

  • Steam clean carpet? See if this can be arranged. Has to be done through the campus

Makeover: can be done this year again, when?

  • Toward end of finals week these will be taken care of

  • Nate: get all important dates and events on FB, Google+ and other networking sites.

Ryan’s update and contributions:

  • Send email out about new EC to ACM members

  • Website needs to be addressed

  • Use new one for ACM stuff? Redirect to it from the old site!
  • Add new members to DropBox! (Chair is in charge of DropBox)

  • Final words: Thank you for joining the EC, good luck. Keep in contact with old member, corporate contacts. Think about things we should upgrade in the ACM, possible donations may be give to the ACM by Ryan, Nathan and Austen. Will influence whether or not they will donate.


Special thanks to the old EC! You had a great year and we are looking forward to taking the torch and leading the ACM this next year! Keep in touch :D