19 Apr 2011

There were no additional nominations after taco nominations, so the list of executive council nominees is still as follows:

  • Chair: Ryan McCulloch and Zechariah Andersen
  • Vice Chair: Cesar Ramirez
  • Treasurer: Ben Bechtold
  • Secretary: Austen Dicken, Nathan Ehresmann, and Norifumi Kimura
  • Member at Large:

Absentee ballots are accepted until tonight (Tuesday) at 5:00PM.

Nominations by email ended last Friday at 5:00PM, so if you didn’t get nominated in time, you can still be a part of the extended cabinet next semester. Those positions get decided at the beginning of next semester, so keep your hopes up :)

Elections are tonight at 6:30 PM in the ACM office IACC 102.