12 Apr 2011

Game Night

  • We will reserve 102, 104, 106 from 6:30 PM to 2:00 AM this Friday.
  • Members are to bring either $2 or a non-perishable food item.
  • Movies:
    • Austen will bring Tron: Legacy.
    • Adam will bring bad movies.
    • Ryan will bring MST3K
  • Games
    • Abram will bring Wii.
    • Nathan will bring PS3 and some games as well as some WiiMotes.
  • Austen will call the help desk to make sure rooms and cabinets are unlocked.

We are still having elections next Tuesday at 6:30 PM. Nominations are accepted by email up until this Friday. After that, I will send an email out with the final nominations. Upon this, members can send absentee ballots to Josiah Lenthe with their votes if they will not be able to make it to election night.