29 Mar 2011

Philanthropy Project:

  • We will not be doing the farming simulator thing until next year's project.
  • We decided this because there is not enough time to talk to the companies to get it out there.
  • Instead, for our project, we will have a food drive and collect non-perishable food items.
  • The food drive will take place from Monday, April 11th through the 15th.
  • We will have a full member game-night meeting following the food drive on Friday, April 15th.
    • There will be pizza at this meeting and members are to either bring non-perishable food items or $2.
  • Nomination Night:
  • We will have taco nomination night next week Thursday at 6:30 PM
  • People who attend will receive two dollars to enjoy tacos in the Memorial Union.
  • Positions up for grabs:
    • Chair: Responsible for getting things done.
    • Vice Chair: Same duties for Chair except for the point of contact with businesses.
    • Secretary: Responsible for informing other ACM members about new information and events.
    • Treasurer: Responsible for managing ACM's funds and funding.
    • Member at large: Responsible for pop and candy machines and attending CSO meetings.
  • Anybody who can't attend the meeting can send Zech Andersen an email with their nomination.
  • Election night will be held on April 19th at 6:30 PM. Nominations can be emailed up to that time.