01 Mar 2011

  • We need a projector for ACM. We may be able to get one from Adam; the same one we used for the Samurai Shodown tournament.
  • There was talk about doing a gaming marathon for the ACM's fund-raiser this semester.
    • We could set it up somewhere in the union to attract attention.
    • We could do a retro gaming theme, or crappy gaming theme, or ridiculous gaming theme.
    • Should people passing by be able to drop in and play?
    • We would have people doing shifts at a booth in the union
    • If we did something in early spring, we could do something outside.
    • We could donate the money to Child's Play charity.
    • We could advertise to businesses to donate money to us to play Desert Bus
  • Treasurer Report:
    • We could have three members go to DefCon next year.
    • We have like $400 extra, so we could get some things for the office.
    • Current balance: ~$1050.00

For the theme of the fund-raiser, we have decided to get donations from businesses to play a painfully boring game for an extended period of time.

We need to have a meeting where we can talk to the general member base.