06 Dec 2010

To be discussed:

  • Potluck finals
  • Spring Rush
  • OrgSync

Potluck Finals:

  • Will go from 11am until whenever.
  • Adam will bring the cheese/meat dip and a crock pot.
  • Nathan will bring little smokies.
  • Austen will bring a bunch of precooked brats.
  • Zech and Abram will worry about chips, condiments, buns.
  • Josiah will worry about desert.

Spring Rush

  • Kick off meeting will probably be a LAN Party/Game and movie night in two of the IACC rooms.
  • We will clear half of one room's desks out and put tables in for the computers and the other half will be playing console games.
  • The other room will have movies playing.
  • Microsoft guy is going to come at the beginning of the semester, maybe.


  • There have been requests to join the ACM in OrgSync
  • Those who have requested have been moved to a new group: nonmembers until they pay dues.
  • Members can check if they have payed their dues in orgsync.