13 Sep 2010

EC Meeting Minutes: September 13, 2010


  • Reflections Projections (UIUC)

  • Volunteer Work

  • Extended Cabinet

  • Get Rid of Prizes

  • Figure out what orgs are doing/Events

  • etc.

Volunteer Work:

  • We will do protein folding again for our volunteer work as that is a good way to get membership participation.


    • The ACM will probably have to sign up for OrgSync, albeit we probably won't use it.

    • This is because Blackboard will no longer support organizations; only classes.

Reflections Projections:

    • One month away. (October 15-17) Get Ready!!!

    • Students can no longer use NDSU vans, vehicles, etc. due to new policies.

      • Adam can, though because he is a staff member.

    • VMWare, Facebook, and many more will have representatives speaking at the conference.

    • We have to send an email to all ACM Members about the UIUC trip.

      • Describe what UIUC is, there will be a sign up sheet in IACC 162.

      • Ask if they are interested in driving, there will be a driver sign up as well.

      • The System Admin has to remove past members who aren't here.

Upcoming Email System:

    • Instead of having one email, NDSU is changing the email system so that undergraduate students will be first.last@my.ndsu.edu and faculty will be first.last@ndsu.edu...

    • This will come into effect some time next year.

Nathan will talk to Dr. Dean about contacting companies for talks/panels.

Extended Cabinet:

  • Possibly have cabinet a little less random this year.

  • Corporate Liason has been removed after a majority vote.

  • Positions: Administer of Propaganda, Historian, Office Manager

Keylist: We plan to have the users of the keylist give their ID as collateral to get the key.

Special Interest Groups:

  • SigComp: Meeting is next week, either Monday or Tuesday.

    • Requirements for DigiKey: Junior or Senior and a computer science related major.

    • Training for a couple weeks before the competition.

  • ACM Competition 2-3 weeks after DigiKey


  • A possibility would be to have Dr. Ubhaya give a talk about dynamic programming.

  • Adam may do a talk on bash scripting or something about linux. Maybe an install party?