18 Aug 2010

These are the minutes from the August 18th EC Meeting:

Tue. 31st - Org Fair

Meet Monday 23rd to pick times of what to do.

  • Registration Done!!!

  • Everyone try to come up with something to do for Org fair, kickoff.

EC Meetings: BiWeekly starting Monday, Aug. 30 @ 5pm


  1. Org Fair on Tuesday (31st). Open Source lan party later from 7pm to 12am - Ask Adam about games (UrbanTerror, Assault Cube, Saurebraten, Warsow, “Paint War Thing”) - Josiah

  2. Like to see Ice Cream social on Wednesday from 12-3pm @ ACM Office

  • Need two boxes of some sort of ice cream - Nathan
  1. Thursday is the rush (Sept. 2nd) @ 6PM Pizza! in IACC 104 - Austen

  2. Friday can be like a game night: 7-12 Iacc 102, 104,or 106? - Austen

  • On the 30th, discuss who brings what.

Extended Cabinet:

  • Explain to people about it at the kickoff meeting, Aug. 30th.

  • Possibly have the Extended Cabinet a little less random this year.

  • Sept. 6th, email asking for interest in Extended Cabinet.

  • Sept. 13th, discuss this @ EC Meeting.


  • SIG-Comp: Adam, Active.

  • SIG-Fix: Need a dedicated leader with the time to keep SIG-Fix active.

  • SIG-Chix: Megan, Active

  • SIG-Art: Inactive, renamed to SIG-Graph

  • SIG-Fit: Inactive, DOA

  • SIG-Ops: Inactive

  • SIG-GDev: Abram and Nathan, Active

  • SIG-Web: Inactive

Sept. 21st @6 - ACM Panel, need 3 to 5 people. IACC 104.

Sept. 22nd - Job Fair 10 to 3pm

Figure out how much we need to charge companies to come in and speak as well as interview students. Austen will ask Dan@Appareo how much career center charges.

Contact companies from attendance list for career fair: Nathan.

Estimate 40 attending - Austen will speak with Slator.

UIUC: Friday October 15 through Sunday, October 17.

  • Week of Sept. 13th, start asking for signups and cars.

  • Have the list of people who are going done by Sept. 27th meeting.

  • Get rooms, list is final!

  • Collect money the week of October 4th.

  • Deadline is the 11th.

**Bring this up at each EC Meeting.


  • DigiKey - October 15th.

  • UIUC - Oct. 15th-17th.

  • ICPC - ???

  • Tri-College Competition (ACM Hosted) - Spring

Cleaning: ACM needs to be cleaned before school starts.

  • Sat. Aug. 21st @3

  • Email: Celton, Rikki, Ben, Adam, Megan, Red, Cassie, Tracey.

  • Bring: Windex, All-Purpose cleaner, and a Vacuum

CSO: Josiah will go to large groups

  • Abram will handle budgets in Feb.