26 Oct 2009

Hiya everybody! I hope you are all enjoying your semester! Here are the latest happenings in our chapter: Local Game AI competition New Internet Relay Chat channel Digi-Key results Other news

==Game AI: Semester Tron Competition== SIG-GDev will be hosting another game AI competition based on the Tron game at 6pm on November 9. The server has been updated to properly support asynchronous communication. You can start writing your clients now. The tournament itself should run a bit smoother this time around. More details at the GDev website.

==IRC Channel== We have entered the early 90’s and now have an Internet Relay Chat room on freenode. You can connect to: the channel #ndsuacm on the server irc.freenode.net If you haven’t used IRC before, here’s a good primer: http://www.ofzenandcomputing.com/zanswers/1024 Otherwise, you can ssh into buzz.acm.ndsu.nodak.edu and start irssi.

==Competition Teams== We had a team take first place this year at the Digi-Key Collegiate Computing Competition! Austen, Shane, Nathan, and Nick absolutely dominated all the area schools and scored some sweet cash for themselves and for the department and chapter! We have three teams going to the ACM ICPC this Saturday - we’re looking to win and go to the world finals in Harbin, China! More exclamation points!

==Other News== Two of our office computers have regained internet access - welcome goes out to Slothful and windows2, we’re still waiting on poor Useful. SIG-Art recently had another meeting and discussed Blender. We’ll be going bowling and having a member meeting in the near future. SIG-GDev is making some progress developing their game. SIG-Chix is having a bakesale soon, with proceeds benefiting charity.

As always, check back often for news, job postings, etc. GDev and Comp both have recent posts also. If you want more information about any of the Special Interest Groups, email joel.longanecker@ndsu.edu with the name of the group you wish to join in the subject line.