15 Apr 2009

From: “Claudia Murray” <CMurray@Feedsys.com> To: <slator@web.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu>

Hi Dr. Slator,

My name is Claudia Murray and I work for Feed Management Systems. We are located in the Incubator building on the NDSU campus in the Research Park. We are looking for a student who would be interesting in a part-time job doing Software Quality Assurance. I thought perhaps you might have a few students in mind that we could interview.

I have attached the job description. Anyone that is interested can send their resume to either hr@feedsys.com or me. Additional information about our company can be found at www.feedsys.com. Please let me know if you have any questions for me. Thanks.

Claudia Murray Software Quality Assurance Engineer Feed Management Systems, Inc. Tel: 763.560.8139 x123 Fax: 701.280.2668 www.feedsys.com Software Solutions For Feeding Our Growing World </span> job-description-software-quality-assurance-engineer-intern