19 Feb 2009

Association for Computing Machinery

Proposed Agenda for Thursday, February 19, 2009

5:00 pm in IACC 106

Items on the proposed agenda for this meeting include:

1) Additions to the proposed agenda:


2) Executive Reports and Announcements:

A) President's Report – Nothing to report

B) Vice-President's Report - Nothing

A) Secretary’s Report – nothing to report

B) Treasurer’s Report – SG gave us money for the wrong thing

C) Member-at-Large's Report – Thinking of having semi-permanent pops

D) Corporate Liaison's Report – Should be getting reimbursed soon, March 18th Meeting

3) Special Interest Group reports:

A) SIG*nix – Nothing

B) SIGgdev – Nothing

C) SIGweb – Nothing

D) SIGchix – Planning on using bake sale funds to provide food.

4) New Business:

A) Midwest Informational Computing Symposium (MICS)

I) Programming Competition – Two interested

II) Robotics Competition – IEEE will be here tomorrow

III)Conference – Celton might be interested in going

B) Next year's plan

I) Conferences, competitions to attend – Need to attend 5 competitions to be considered a competitive organization

II) Corporate Speakers – Who we want in the future

III)Future Direction – More professor speakers, increase in dues

C) Upcoming events

I) Laptop LAN party – Free food, open event

II) Arcade Tournament – $5 buy in, top 3 get prizes

III)Social Media Conference – Nationally recognized speaker

6) Other items as presented by members of the ACM EC.


7) Adjourn, if possible, by 6:00 pm.

Download: agenda2009-02-19