05 Feb 2009

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Association for Computing Machinery

Proposed Agenda for Thursday, February 05, 2009

5:00 pm in IACC 162

Members of the ACM Executive Council include:

__X_ Abram Jackson, __X_Joel Longanecker, __X_Celton Seelig

__X_Dan Bogart, __X_Supra Jayawardena _X__Megan Bouret,

___Richard Rummelt ___Weiyi (Max) Zhang

Items on the proposed agenda for this meeting include:

1) Approval of minutes

Minutes Approved

2) Additions to the proposed agenda:

No additions or corrections

3) Executive Reports and Announcements:

A) Secretary’s Report – Nothing to report

B) Treasurer’s Report – Plenty of money currently

C) Member at Large’s Report – Nothing to report

D) Corporate Liaison – Discussion panel next week

4) Special Interest Group reports:

A) SIG*nix – Nothing

B) SIGgdev – Have arcade cabinet

C) SIGweb – ACM.org provides hosting for chapters

D) SIGchix – Meeting Monday to discuss future plans

5) Unfinished business

A) Pop machine – Tomorrow we are getting new pop machine delivered

B) Cleaning the office – Tomorrow at 4p.m.

6) New Business:

A) Laptop LAN Party – February 20th

6) Other items as presented by members of the ACM EC.

Nothing presented

7) Adjourn, if possible, by 6:00 pm. Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

Download: agenda2009-02-051