22 Jan 2009

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Association for Computing Machinery

Proposed Agenda for Thursday, January 22, 2008

8:00 pm in IACC 162

Members of the ACM Executive Council include:

__X_ Abram Jackson, __X_Joel Longanecker, _X__Celton Seelig

___Dan Bogart, ___Supra Jayawardena __X_Megan Bouret,

___Richard Rummelt ___Weiyi (Max) Zhang

Items on the proposed agenda for this meeting include:

1) Approval of minutes

Minutes Approved

2) Additions to the proposed agenda:

No additions or corrections

3) Executive Reports and Announcements:

A) Secretary’s Report – Nothing to report

B) Treasurer’s Report – Nothing to report

C) Member at Large’s Report – Fridge dead

D) Corporate Liaison – Polaris cannot be here this month

4) Special Interest Group reports:

A) SIG*nix – Nothing to report

B) SIGgdev – Nothing to report

C) SIGweb – Thinking of starting a web design for additional funds

D) SIGchix – Nothing to report

5) Unfinished business:

A) Game night

Old school games and movies

B) LAN party

Focus on laptop games

6) New Business:

A) Ice cream social

need to figure out when we can

B) Corporate panel

Need to lock down corporations

6) Other items as presented by members of the ACM EC.

No items presented

7) Adjourn, if possible, by 6:00 pm. Adjourned at 5:36pm.