04 Oct 2008

Hello ACM’ers

This is Joel comming to you from UIUC. This weekend we are here for the reflections projections confrence. We’re having a blast participating at mech mania and listening to the speakers. In years past, this has been THE big event. This is changing this year. We’re working hard to bring you events, speakers and competitons.

October 17th is the digikey competion in Theif River Falls. We are taking 2 teams this year. Last year we dominated and we intend to do so again this year.

Also going on this month is something I am personally very excited about. We are having a game development competiton from the 24th to the 27th. We are giving away real cash prizes. Well, gift certificates to best buy. (50, 20, and 10 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively.) So if you have ever wanted to make a game, this would be a great opportunity. Read more about this at http://www.acm.ndsu.nodak.edu/?page_id=80 .

We will also be having a pre game meeting for this event in the office on the 15th of October. At that meeting we will also be discussing the feasability of building an arcade machine to display somewhere on campus. If hardware is more your thing than software, this may be more for you.

Hope to see you there.