02 Sep 2008

Come see us at the Org Fair on Wednesday to play our Crypto Contest for 'Real Cash Prizes!'


  • $10 dollars will be handed out to the first person to solve problem #1.
  • $5 dollars will be handed out each for the first persons to solve the other two problems.
  • If you think you solved the puzzle, email the solution to joel.longanecker@ndsu.nodak.edu to claim your prize.
  • A digital copy will be posted online after the org fair.

Free and Open Source Lan Party @ 7:30

Feel free to join us Wednesday at 7:30 in IACC 244 for a few rounds Urban Terror! It’s like counterstrike with wall jumping and skiing built on top of the Quake III Engine. It’s free to play, and a bonus is you don’t even need to lug around your own box.

More events to come!

Thursday is the cs dept ice cream social.

Friday is our Rush night with pizza, movie, and games.