01 Sep 2008

Members present: Joel, Abram, Dan, Supra

Treasurer reported a balance of $467.96

Cassie’s Org Fair poster was approved by committie. Org Fair items approved, including dissection of vicarious, and crypto-contest. $10 for the puzzle was approved, and $5 each for the smaller puzzles. Digital copies will be posted after the Org Fair.

Members have been selected to operate the Org Fair booth as well as has been opened up for volunteers to spend some time there.

The game of choice for the FOSS Lan Party will be urban terror. It will take place wednesday, 7:30 in room 244.

The CS Dept Meet and Greet will be thursday, 7:30 in CS 104.

Pizza/Movie/Game Night will be friday, 7:30 in the iacc, movie will be decided later.

A motion was passed to accept control over the 244 lab.