12 Jul 2008

Association for Computing Machinery Proposed Agenda for Saturday, July 12, 2008 1:00 pm in IACC 162

Members of the ACM Executive Council include:

_X_ Abram Jackson,    _X_Joel Longanecker         _X_Celton Seelig
___Dan Bogart        ___Supra Jayawardena        _X_Megan Bouret
___Richard Rummelt    ___Weiyi (Max) Zhang

Items on the proposed agenda for this meeting include:

  1. Approval of minutes – Minutes Approved
  2. Additions to the proposed agenda: None
  3. Executive Reports and Announcements:
  4. Secretary’s Report – Nothing to report
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Nothing to report
  6. Member at Large’s Report – Nothing to report
  7. Special Interest Group reports:
  8. SIG*nix
  9. SIGgdev
  10. SIGweb
  11. SIGchix
  12. Unfinished business:
  13. National Membership – Some officers still need to register
  14. Appointment of Corporate Liaison – Megan Nominated by Joel, Celton seconded, motion passed.
  15. This year’s regular meeting time – Tentatively 1st and 3rd Mondays at 8p.m.
  16. New Business:
  17. Organization Fair: - Organization Fair Events:
    • game night
    • CS dept social event
    • open source LAN party
    • rush event(pizza)
      • Possible issues:
    • projector reservation
    • room reservations
    • advertising (list serve, booth (a nice one), CS classes, posters(Joel))
      • LAN Party on Wednesday
      • CS Dept. social event Thursday -Rush Event and Game Night on Friday
  18. Calendar of events:
    • List on possible events:
    • Game Dev Comp
    • Speakers (national ACM, CS Faculty, Local Companies (recruitment?)
    • Game Nights (tournaments, vote on movies)
    • (Union) Bowling
    • MIS Club Interaction
    • Regional ACM (Tri-college)
  19. New website:
    • Minutes and Agenda
    • Calender?
    • Joel motioned to retire Cadaver, Celton seconded, Motion passed, BlackBoard will take over for email purposes Local Linux ISOs
    • Fedora
    • Ubuntu
    • Suse
  20. Web space pricing:
    • Members get 50mb/year, $15 dollar membership
    • Organizations get 100mb/year for $15/year
    • New contracts (Joel)
  21. Appointment of Corporate Liaison
    • Taken care of in unfinished business
  22. Other items as presented by members of the ACM EC.
    • Vicarious has hard drive failure
    • Adjourn, if possible, by 3:00 pm.

Celton motioned to adjourn, Abram seconded, motion was passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:49